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Based out of Houston and Austin, the Workers' Compensation Insurance Injury Attorneys of The Manginello Law Firm, PLLC regularly handles workers' compensation insurance and faith claims.

We enjoy representing "the underdog" in fights against insurers who are often reluctant to pay claims.

If your insurance company has refused your claim, or has offered a payout that you feel is well below what you deserve, we can help. Submit your case online for a free evaluation.

The average workers' compensation insurance company has been in business for decades and maintains a legal department with numerous lawyers, each of whom is skilled in defending against claims and even in determining the odds that you will fight for your right to compensation.



Workers' Compensation Attorneys of Houston and Austin explain "Bad Faith"

Do not be bullied by your insurance company!

If your workers' compensation insurer is acting in bad faith, it is breaking the law. All you need is an experienced attorney to investigate your claim and defend your rights. Contact The Manginello Law Firm, submit an online request for a free case evaluation, or call our Houston office at (713) 528-9070. While it is common to feel helpless when workers' compensation insurance companies act in bad faith, they are in fact required by law to process and pay claims unless a reasonable basis exists on which to deny the claim. Too often though, insurers deny claims without any reason whatsoever.

When this happens, Texas law provides a "bad-faith" remedy for people whose claims are wrongfully denied. In exchange for premium payments, you deserve insurance payout compensation when on-the-job accidents occur and are covered by applicable policies. Workers' compensation insurance companies are difficult to deal with, so let us help you recover what you deserve. We have held dozens of workers' compensation insurance companies accountable for not doing what is required of them by law. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in recompense for our workers' compensation insurance bad faith clients. If you have been injured on the job, contact a Workers' Compensation Attorney at The Manginello Law Firm, PLLC for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

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  • Do you have reason to believe that you were the victim of a workplace accident?

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Our reputation of taking on serious workers' compensation cases to help protect and compensate injured individuals, is due to successfully representing those individuals in claims against aggressive insurance companies.

The Manginello Law Firm has office locations in Houston and Austin, and our attorneys pursue cases throughout the Texas region. Defense attorney Ralph Manginello has aggressively represented clients throughout the State of Texas, in hundreds of courtrooms. Our attorneys go wherever necessary to accommodate our clients.

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