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Ralph Manginello

Criminal Defense Attorney.

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John Butler

Criminal Defense Attorney.

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If you are charged with an arrest, accused of a crime, or under investigation, it is important to be represented by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Criminal charges can forever change not only your life, but the lives of your loved ones as well.

A criminal charge or allegation is simply an accusation. It does not mean a conviction. When someone is accused of violating state or federal laws, regardless of the evidence, the allegations must be proven by a prosecuting attorney in a court of law. Our criminal defense legal team has a proven track record and is well-qualified to protect the rights of our clients by ensuring full access to a fair trial and aggressively presenting their cases. Before speaking with prosecutors or police, be sure to contact the Manginello criminal defense attorneys.

Take care in selecting the best criminal defense attorney possible to represent and fight for you. The criminal defense lawyers of the Manginello law firm have the knowledge and experience to uncover factors and arguments that can be used to mitigate or negate potential crimes.



Should you face criminal charges of any kind, consulting a Manginello criminal defense attorney is one of the initial steps you should take. You may currently be facing criminal charges, accused of a crime or under investigation by law enforcement. Regardless of the legal situation or where your case may be in the criminal process, it is never too soon to consider consulting a criminal defense lawyer. The criminal defense team of the Manginello Law Firm can give you valuable insight regarding your legal matter to help you make the right decision about your case and your future. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. Your initial consultation with an attorney at the Manginello Law Firm is free of charge.

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If you have questions regarding your personal injury matter, submitting your case online with a free case evaluation is the fastest route to your answers. The Houston criminal defense attorneys of the Manginello Law Firm accept credit cards and employ a bilingual staff, including Spanish speakers. Our Houston office is centrally located, just minutes from downtown. To contact us, submit a case evaluation form, send us an email or call: (713) 528-9070.