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DWI - Dismissed Client was pulled over for allegedly speeding on Washington Avenue after leaving one of the new, hot spots. She was given the field sobriety tests and taken to jail. She did not take the breathalyzer. After several conferences with the District Attorney's office and within three court appearances her case was dismissed.

DWI - Dismissed Client was pulled over for making an illegal left-hand turn onto Shepherd from W. Alabama. He was given the field sobriety tests and was taken to jail. He did not take the breathalyzer. His case was dismissed before having to set the case for trial.

Marijuana Possession - Deferred Adjudication Client was pulled over for allegedly changing lanes without a signal. He was charged with possession of over a pound of marijuana that was found in his trunk after the police searched his vehicle incident to arrest. The client was facing 2 years to 10 years in prison. After a myriad of motions filed to suppress the evidence and endless resets by the trial court the client received three years deferred adjudication.

Car accident - Client and her mother were struck by a power company bucket truck that failed to yield the right of way at a stop sign in Brazoria County, Texas. The client had five surgeries to repair her broken leg, including three months with a halo on her leg, and another surgery to remove part of her bone that failed to heal properly. After a year and a half of litigation the case was settled at mediation. The client was able to pay off their house and put money in the bank for retirement and their child's college fund.

Industrial accident - Client was assisting a co-worker attempting to fill bottles with oxygen when the mechanism exploded. The client was thrown approximately fifteen feet in the air landing on the concrete. He suffered injuries to his lower back, shoulder, and head, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. We alleged that the apparatus and operation were improperly manufactured, designed, installed, and were operated based on improper procedure. The case settled at mediation for close to the insurance carrier's policy limits.

Airline case - Client was injured while he was attempting to get off of the airline's cart that had taken from the plane to the baggage area. The driver of the cart pulled away as he was getting off causing him to severely injure his knee requiring surgery. The case was filed in Federal Court and settled at mediation.

Offshore injury/Jones Act - Client severely injured his back while trying to release the barge from the dock. He was forced to wait several days on the barge before the captain would allow him to see a doctor. He had immediate back surgery to repair a herniated disc. The claim alleged negligence on the part of the captain and the employer for failure to properly man the barge. The case settled at mediation and the client was able to purchase a new vehicle and place to live for his family.

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