Bus Accident Victim Representation Through Houston Car Accident Attorneys
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Bus Accident Victim Representation Through Houston Car Accident Attorneys

Have you been seriously injured in an accident while riding on a bus, or in a collision with a bus or commercial vehicle? With the Houston Car Accident Attorneys of The Manginello Law Firm, PLLC, we protect the rights of injured people and the financial interests of families who have lost loved ones in accidents. Our Car Accident Attorneys have successfully handled thousands of successful personal injury cases. We understand what it takes to make sure you get the medical care you need and fair financial compensation you deserve. Aggressive Representation You Can Trust

Contact the Houston Car Accident Attorneys of The Manginello Law Firm, PLLC Today After a bus or delivery truck accident, the first step for your lawyer is to determine how the accident occurred and who is responsible for your injuries and damages:

  • In a city bus accident, the city can be held accountable. However, different rules apply when bringing a case against the government than when bringing one against an individual driver.
  • If you were hit by an independent trucker, our Car Accident Attorneys can bring an injury claim against the trucker's insurance company and, possibly, against the company that hired him or the company whose cargo he was hauling.
  • If the trucker who hit you is a regular employee of a trucking company, that company and its insurer may be liable. We are not afraid to take on any private or public interest.
As we investigate the cause of the accident, we will consider many possibilities. Was it a distracted driver? Was the bus driver driving under the influence of alcohol? Making a Full Recovery after Your Truck or Bus Accident Our Car Accident Attorneys have years of personal injury experience and have seen first-hand the devastating effects of bus and commercial vehicle accidents: brain injuries, paralysis, loss of limbs and even death. In addition to injuries, there are long-term financial effects. The entire family suffers from your lost wages and possibly diminished earning potential. We make sure the insurance company — or the jury — takes all of your losses into account. You deserve full and fair compensation.

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